Our experiential learning programs are designed to help your team overcome organizational challenges. Our programs use the tools of improvisation to create real world scenarios that challenge participants to experience real time decision making. Westside Corporate Creativity’s client focused approach combines the academically-rooted training expertise of Business Improvisations, with the professional entertainment chops of the country’s most prolific improv comedy group, Mission Improvable.
Offered both virtually and in-person, below are a few of our most popular off-the-shelf courses. Every organization has its own set of goals and challenges, connect with us and we will help you decide which of our solutions works best for your specific organization.


Many of our clients find that going through one of our corporate workshops transforms their organization. So much so that some companies choose to have On-going Leadership Development classes on-site at their offices. Much like riding a bike, the skills developed through improvisations are learned by doing, and the more you do it, the more you learn it. It provides team members easy access to the class and an in-depth experience.
We offer a series of Improv for Business or Connected Mindfulness classes onsite. If you have a large organization or an abundance of employees looking to grow, we can run multiple levels simultaneously. This is an excellent way to see the long terms effects of training and development, transform the culture of an organization, invest in your employees and build a team that is committed to each other and the mission of your organization.
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